what's the difference between the ju 1000 and rad 1000?


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The Ju 1000 and rad 1000 are both entry level devices. They are both orgone generators. 

The main differences are that the rad 1000 has a stickpad and dials to set radionic rates. It is a radionics device with a built in orgone generator. 

The JU 1000 on the other hand, has no stickpad, but it has preset frequencies. The following frequencies are preset with the ju 1000:

  • 3.5 hz - feeling of oneness
  • 6.3 hz - super learning, boost memory
  • 7.0 hz - enhance artistic inspiration, creativity 
  • 7.83 hz - schumann resonance, grounding, stimulate invention
  • 10.0 hz - universally beneficial, mood elevation, feeling of centeredness'
  • 14.1 hz - efficiency in daily activities, mental and physical energy, fitness training

If you're already interested in radionics, choosing one of our radionics devices makes sense since they have built in orgone generators. If you're more interested in experimenting with various frequencies, choosing an orgone generator with preset frequencies or one of the machines that allows you to control the frequency makes more sense. (PFC 2400 HD, Performer 2400 HD, and RAD 5 allow you to set specific frequencies)

If you're located within the US see https://www.chi-card.com/orderinfo/c_paypal.html to order orgone generators

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