How many trends can I run at once?


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I get asked this one a lot so I'll do a breakdown based on specific orgone generators/ radionics machines 

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  • JU 99 or chi card - This is for one person use only. You should set one trend at a time. If you want to use it to set up a trend for another person, you can, but it should still be one at a time
  • JU 1000/Rad 1000/AO2000 - These devices, which are entry level strength we believe can likely handle being shared among 2-3 people/trends 
  • Rad 2000/ LPOG 2400 DL/ PFC 2000 - These are middle of the line strength, which we believe will work well for 3-5 simultaneously
  • RAD 2400 HD/Performer 2400 HD/ PFC 2400 HD - Heavy Duty output devices we feel work well for 5 - 8 people/trends
  • RAD 5 - This radionics / orgone generator has 5 separate output pipes and we feel easily handles 10 and likely more since not everyone pulls orgone energy at the same time. 

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